Phone Services

Cox Communications and Electronics works almost exclusively with Samsung business phone systems. Maybe you have a Samsung smartphone, TV or refrigerator … but did you know Samsung has been leading the telecom industry since the 1970s?

Save money with Samsung’s lifetime licenses and updates

Unlike its competitors, Samsung does not charge yearly subscription fees for software updates.Samsung also does not charge yearly licensing fees for phone features. Once you buy a feature, you own it forever!

Samsung’s business phone solutions include features such as:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Caller ID
  • Dial-By-Name directory
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Remote Support

When you have issues with your phone system, there are many upgrades and repairs we can complete right from our office – getting you back to business faster than ever. And if you’ve got an issue that remote assistance won’t fix, we’ll be happy to send a tech from our local office to look at your issue in person. That’s personalized service!

Benefits of using a Samsung business phone system:

  • Connect multiple locations through one main phone number for seamless transfers
  • Supports digital or VoIP connections
  • Capable of handling up to 8 incoming lines with 32 stations
  • Connect from home or a remote office through remote IP phones
  • Empowers your on-the-road professionals with Computer Telephony Integrations and Softphone connectivity that turns their laptops into “phones”
  • Offers economic SIP trunking by allowing you to run your phone line through your Internet connection for substantial savings
  • Accommodates a wide range of digital, IP, and wireless phones to suit your business’ needs
  • Uniform call distribution and call sequencing
  • OfficeServ Connect allows your desk phone and cell phone to ring at the same time, optimizing your mobility on the premises
  • Allows wireless handsets to integrate with phone system features through wireless access points
  • Wireless technologies support your on-the-move workforce – maximizing convenience and productivity

Popular Samsung Features


Voicemail-to-email allows you to manage and access your voicemail right from your inbox. Rather than wasting time logging in and waiting to play your voicemail from your phone, voice-to-email lets you listen to your voicemails in one click. It also allows you to share or organize your messages into easy-to-access folders for future use – this is an especially important feature for doctors’ offices, attorney’s office or any other business where each communication needs to be documented in great detail. You can also access your voicemails from your PC wherever you are! Your voicemails will appear on your phone and in your email. Keep your voice mailbox clean by deleting old messages but keep them in files on your computer for future reference.


Faxes getting lost in the “pile” and misplaced? A voicemail-to-fax system delivers faxes right to your inbox, making it easy for you to print or file. Fax-to-email also enhances privacy for sensitive documents.

VoIP – Voice over IP

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) allows you to use your internet connection to make phone calls, thereby eliminating or greatly reducing your phone bills. Samsung VoIP telephones come with all the fabulous features of regular Samsung phones, but with USB ports, downloading capabilities for ringtones, XML browsing and more. With VoIP, you can integrate your phone system with visual call management programs that allow you to drag and drop calls to their appropriate destinations, transfer calls with ease and track incoming and outgoing calls for reporting purposes. VoIP also allows you to integrate your phone system with your CRM for convenient click-to-dial access straight from emails.

Music and Marketing on Hold

Nobody wants to keep their customers on hold. But sometimes that’s just a necessary evil of a successful business. But why they’re on hold, you’ve got a captive audience – use it to your advantage with music and marketing on hold. Tell your customers about the other great services or products you offer while they’re waiting and watch your sales grow.