Security Systems

Protect Your Business – Protect Your Future

Your business is more than your source of income. It’s your future! Keep it safe 24/7/365 with a security system from Cox Communications.

We offer:

  • IP cameras – Our surveillance camera systems use your Internet connection to stream live video surveillance to the devices of your choice.
  • Remote Viewing – Stream your IP camera footage directly to your smartphone, laptop or other device so you can keep an eye on your business no matter where you are!
  • DVR systems – A DVR system allows you to archive your security footage for future reference and training.
  • Biometrics entry systems - Biometrics entry systems use your employees’ fingerprints as their “access cards” to gain entry into your building. This system not only prevents access to areas that are off limits, but it will also provide reporting so you can see who is getting into your building and when. Biometrics systems offer very reliable access (it’s impossible to drop your fingerprint in a parking lot for a thief to pick up) and it’s very easy for you and your employees to use (no more fumbling with key cards or fobs).