Cox offers everything your company needs to keep business running smoothly 24/7, even when you’re away.We customize all our solutions to fit your business’ unique needs, so you get exactly what you need … exactly the way you want it!

Security Systems

Who’s watching over your business while you’re away?

Your business is your lifeblood, and Cox knows you want to protect your investment. When you’re away, our security systems stand guard over your business with foolproof efficiency.

We offer:

  • IP cameras – Our digital video systems use your Internet connection to stream 24/7 surveillance to whatever digital device you choose.

  • Remote Viewing – Keep an eye on your business no matter where you are. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can check on your business from home, vacation, or even from the road on your smartphone!

  • DVR systems – Archive your security footage for reference and training with a DVR system. If your business experiences a break-in, there’s no better evidence than video footage to put a thief behind bars!

Cabling and Fiber optics

Creeping connections slowing down your business?

Get lightning-fast Internet and crystal-clear voice connections with new, high-tech cabling. A custom cabling solution from Cox will keep your company connected to your customers and make file sharing a breeze. PLUS, an efficient cabling system lays the groundwork for simpler and more cost-effective technology upgrades down the road.

Phone Services

Better phones = Fewer Angry Customers

Is there anything more frustrating than dropping a call – both for you AND your customers? Sales are lost and customer service ratings plummet when an outdated phone system hinders your business processes.

Cox offers a comprehensive array of phone systems that do so much more than just keep callers on the line, including:

  • Link all your remote locations for seamless transfers and fewer dropped calls!

  • Add “click to dial” functionality so you can make calls straight from your inbox.

  • Keep your phone storage free and your messages organized with a “voice to email” system that sends messages right to your email in easy-to-use audio files.

  • Run your phones via your Internet connection and save thousands on expensive phone charges each year!

  • Link telecommuting employees’ phones to your main office number for a more professional image.