Why Cox?

Old-fashioned American customer service meets modern technology

Since 1958, Cox has been helping businesses in the Gainesville and North Georgia area grow and thrive through better technology.

What makes us different, and what’s helped us withstand the test of time, is our service. For the same price or less than the big guys, we give customers something we’ve carried over from Cox’s first years in business – in-person customer service.

When you call Cox, you’re going to speak to a human being who is a member of our staff right here in Gainesville. When you need help at 3 a.m. because you’re having a tech emergency and your business can’t wait, one of our local staff members will be there to help you. They might even know where your business is because they shopped there the week before.

We’re all too familiar with the frustration of dealing with multiple departments and foreign call centers. Re-telling the same story to six different people and with hard-to-understand accents is the LAST thing you need when you’re already up to your ears in business tech issues.

With Cox, you get straight-line customer service. No transferring to different departments. No translating foreign accents over a bad phone connection. If your phone cuts out in the middle of your call, you can just call us right back, and you’ll deal with the same person you spoke with before who will probably say, “I’m so glad you called me back. I have just what you were looking for …”

Trust us, you don’t want to be at the mercy of some distant company when your business is at stake.

Call Cox today, and let us show you what old-fashioned American customer service is all about.

The Cox Advantage

When you choose Cox, you get:

  • Small Business Service: Unlike larger providers, we offer a one-on-one approach. When you call, you’ll speak with a member of our staff, not a stranger in another state or country. When you purchase a new product or we come out to service your system, one of our professionals will take the time to explain everything so you’re comfortable using your equipment. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get everything you want out of your experience.

  • Big Brands: We might be a small company, but we’re big in the business! We provide top-of-the-line innovations from elite brands such as Samsung, Vodavi, NEC, and EverFocus.

  • Industry Expertise: We stay on top of industry trends, so we can give you insider tips on the best equipment, product usage, warranties, and more.

  • Technical Know-how: Each technician has extensive knowledge of the products we install. Our crew members draw upon their longstanding industry experience to ensure your entire system is fully operational and compliant with today’s standards.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Your business can’t wait! Responsive service is here for you when you need it most!